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My name is William Collier and I have developed a fool-proof system to make you highly influential in your community within 6 months using the RAWE News Model

You can have massive influence in your connunity within 6 months by beconing a RAWE News Creator where you live.
We need an activist press which is owned and operated by real people! These people need to be committed to one another and to the virtues, values, and principles which can make our country prosperous, just, secure, and free. If we want a free society of equals in standing, where merit alone matters, and where you and your family are the most influential factor in your life (aside from your God) then we need a powerful community press. We need YOU!

The power of a community press run by real people, as opposed to over-educated elites, is immense. But to tap into that power we have to start to rely on ourselves, and not other people, to deliver the news in a manner we see fit. We actually want the news to be truthful and fair, honest, and objective. These are the kind of things the snobs tell us we can’t have. And they are right: as long as we let other people spoon feed us the news we will never have those things.

But what if I told you that anyone who can write with average competence could become massively influential in their community within 6 months? It’s totally true. I know how to make that happen, I’ve done it and I can help you do it also.

The secret is something we call RAWE News. Let me explain it.

News must provide RESOURCES. These are things people need to know to navigate their daily lives, and things they may need to find out if they have a problem or a question. If you know what those resources should be and how to both find them and provide them, then you gather anr audience who become loyal followers.

News must allow for and promote ADVOCACY, not just for the views and beliefs of the people providing the news, but for the whole community. This is where fairness comes, letting all sides have their space to advocate for their beliefs in a setting regulated only by common sense and civility. If you know how to do this well, and I can show you through good governace, then people will trust you and be willing to listen to your ideas and issues.

News must nurture and support WATCHDOGS who will expose and confront any kind of threat, danger, fraud, waste, or abuse that could harm people. Everyone can be a watchdog and should learn how to be one, using the right legal measures and having an outlet to broadcast their findings. By doing this in a responsible manner and choosing your battles wisely, you will become a hero to your readers who have never really had a champion before.

News must provide EDUCATION about how to participate as a citizen reporter and about other matters of civic importance. It must nurture a strong sense of community and make people aware of needs, solutions, methods, and tools or providers to help them improve their quality of life. Not everyone will want all the meat and details, but by providing a way for people to dig as deep as they want you will empower them and they will become supporters of you.

This is where we get the term RAWE. It’s not just a name. It is a way of doing the news in a relational manner. Our priorities should go like this; first people and families, then the comnunity, then everything else.

I want to empower you to become a RAWE News Creator in your home town or for issues that matter to you. I want to help you become a news hound that knows how to curate news and sort the static from what matters. I want to see you become not only your own news source, but a news source for others who, like most everyone else, have zero trust in the corporate and party press.

RAWE News is you. As the publisher and editor I am really hoping to be a facilitator serving your need for a platform and for tools to become a RAWE News Creator. And, yes, I believe you can make some extra money, or even better, if you accept this challenge. But what will make this idea work is that you decide the mission of beating the corporate press and liberating your friends and family from their misinformation prison is worth your time and effort. You have to decide if you want to become highly influential in your community within 6 months, or if you will settle for just letting other people run things.

Here’s what we know:

We know the technical details. This means we have the platform and the hosting and all the right digital tools to allow you to create RAWE News.

We know social media. We are professionals. We can connect you to social media networks and webs to reach lots of people where you live.

We know how to build audiences. We have proven methods and technology to drive people to like, follow, subscribe and whatever so that they become your audience. If you reach over 20% of all the households in your locale, it is guaranteed that everyone will take you seriously. We can virtually guarantee your success here.

We know SEO. Our methods will make you competitive with other local media. They won’t be able to stop you from stealing their audience. They’ve had it too easy, those days can be over.
We begin simple and work into a full fledged community press model. Our company works with a sister company to move you beyond blogging and news curation into setting up your own independent community press. For now the focus is on blogging, news curating, audience building, and revenue generation through digital advertising that is automated. That is the part of the program Regal Blue Media is focused on.

This takes time. But it isn’t that much time. It takes about an hour a day and maybe an hour or two on weekends to run this. If you out in more tine you can get bettwr results faster, but the program is designed for a part-tine effort to start.

Once you enroll we set everything up for you and provide all the training you need, based on your current skills. The idea here is steady and strong growth.

The cost is cheap. It’s not cheap in quality. Only price. It’s cheap in price because this is causal and because if one of ten RAWE News Creators becomes a digital newspaper editor then we are convinced we will see a huge improvement in the variety and quality of community news sources. This will defang the elites and prove to them that our desire for fair and objective news that serves the people is not only possible, but profitable.

How do you get started?

See the form below and submit a request for an interview. If you are selected for the program, we charge $150 to set you up and then $75 per month for basic support and access to training. This includes Web hosting and technical support for your Creator’s News Blog and access to our national network which will promote your site. For lots of reasons, we use PayPal solely for these transactions.

Your News Blog is only the beginning. Eventually, you may apply for an independent digital newspaper, through our sister company, which will take you to a place where you can host your own news blogs for readers and develop a paid subscription program for local news readers.

If we want to improve life for people in your community and become highly influential, we have to work for it and invest in it. A team of 5 people could make a news blog in our network highly influential within 3 months of launch. Even one person could achieve this goal, althugh it will likely take 6 months. Using our tried and proven methods, with our framework, it’s guaranteed to work. You or your team will be highly influential in your community within 6 months if you follow this proven formula. It’s that simple.