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America in 1945 when the boys were about to come home versus America dominated by neomarxist “progressives” today.

By Bill Collier-

Would America’s WW2 warriors want to fight for the way of life now being imposed on us by a cabal of leftist freedom-takers? Or would they see them as no better than the evil they had fought overseas?

When you re-watch the “Why We Fight” series you begin to ask yourself if in fact it was all vain, if in fact we brought the evil into ourselves and let it bloom into this giant, life-crushing menace from within!

Describe this America to a young man about to storm Normandy and ask him if he would fight for that society. He may question whether he should fight the menace in Europe or head right back home to clear out the menace within, first.

While in some ways we have advanced since 1945, especially in the way we treat non-European descendants and women, we have, often in the name of that advancement, also gone backward. Our equality has not merely lifted more people into greater freedom, it has tended more toward bringing everyone’s freedom down to an equally lower level.

Indeed, in terms of family structures, crime, and poverty the black community in some ways could be said to be worse off, though the better results of their WW2 generation were despite society having its collective finger pressing down the scales against them.

In other words, the spritual values and way of life common even within the black community in the 30s and 40s allowed them to overcome racial prejudice and bias and to have a healthier society than their comparitively “free” offspring, many of whom are stuck in inner cities that are as bad as third world dictatorships!

That’s not progress and in practical terms we are less free.

But somehow to the leftist freedom takers, merely pointing out how badly Democrats have GUTTED the inner cities and turned them into hellholes where you cannot even defend yourself is “racist”. That’s pathetic and dishonest, but pathetic and dishonest is the hallmark of neomarxist totalitarianism!

America in the WW2 era was still moving toward the light. After that age, we began to drift off course and today we are a massive sprawling heap of hedonistic and self-centered materialists led from the top by corrupt and criminal spiritual degenerates.

The rot started in the head, perpetuated by leftists mostly, and now almost all of our national institutions are controlled in an authoritarian manner by people who inwardly feel and act more like the Axis than they do Americans.

In their pathetic and dishonest attempt to turn America into a neomarxist SOCIAL REPUBLIC re-founded on progressive totalitarianism, the left will say anyone who sees the 30s and 40s as our spiritual high point somehow wants black people to be second class citizens and women forced into being homemakers submitted to their husbands.

America in the 30s and 40s had things that we would not duplicate. My view is that the overall spritual and lifestyle norms and standards should have been used to make life free and prosperous for all people, men and women, of every ancestry. But those core spritual values and convictions remain our spirtual highwater mark as a nation.

If we want to both keep our equality in terms of the sexes and ancestry and advance into a new golden age, we have to go back to the time before we lost our ax head, as it were, the the 30s and 40s. We can retain that which is better, such as the equality of sexes and of ancestries, within the framework of a value system upon which those very same avdances were made possible in the first place.

When we were defeating the Nazis in Europe and the Japanese totalitarians in Asia we were never better, overall, despite our flaws. Today, even though in some ways we have advanced, in most ways we have become more and more dominated by a small class of unamericans on the left who resemble our Axis foes, not so much in doctrine but in their authoritarian and intolerant spirit.

This doesn’t mean the right is perfect. One monster at a time, and the left is the biggest threat to freedom the entire history of these United States of America! They are much more dangerous than the Axis, because their baneful policies of pillage, plunder, and persecute against as much as half the country who oppose their wickedness are from within and come as knife in our back!

The quisling neomarxist fifth column is a greater threat to the perpetuation of a free society on these shores than Hitler or Tojo ever could have been.

I have mo doubt, while I would have fought for the America of the 30s and 40s, I would have demanded we treat all Americans of both sexes and all ancestries absolutely the same, but on the BASIS of the core values that had made us great up until then.

I begin to wonder whether the America of today, whose major institutions are dictatorially controlled by unamerican neomarxist progressives, is even worth fighting for. What I unashamedly desire is that we restore the BEST THINGS about America in the 30s and 40s, but we ensure all Americans can enjoy these things in equality of treatment and in peace, freedom, and prosperity.

To me, modern Progressives are literally worse in terms of being a threat to our national sovereignty and very existence than Hitler or Tojo. They may have a different ideology and hate different people, but totalitarianism is the thing they share in common with our old Axis enemies.

You cannot love the America represented by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights, applied equally to all people, and also be a lover of the totalitarian ideology that is modern Progressivism. Those two “Americas” cannot peacefully coexist!

Pictured: the author doing a US Paratrooper in WW2 living history impression.