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A short speech from the President of Regal Blue Media, William Collier.

Three bucks a month is not a lot of dough. But when many individuals like you invest three dollars a month it adds up to enough of a budget to support the creation of a truly free and independent press that you can be proud to support. Money gets us marketing, tools, and infrastructure, and the ability to fund good people who want to serve as watchdogs for your liberty.

William Collier, President of Regal Blue Media and Publisher of RAWE News

We need to upgrade our platform. We need to pay for content and fund citizen reporters. We need to market this digital publication. We need to pay for services that help us dig deeper and get out more news intelligence. We need to pay for software we can use to provide free citizen reporter training.
We have options. These include getting big donors and/or corporate sponsors. But I have resisted this approach because “he who has the gold makes the rules.” You see, if you don’t pay for your news then your news is owned and controlled by the people who do pay to have it produced. People paying even just three bucks a month to access news (especially designed for them) would make the rules. That is “people power” versus corporate control.

In a sense, RAWE News is an experiment that will demonstrate whether or not people want control over their news or whether they just want to whine about bias and unfairness without doing anything about it.

You might be saying, “well, you don’t produce enough news for me to invest even three bucks a month.” But, the truth is, to produce that news requires money. If I want to get corporate sponsors or major donors, it really just negates the whole people powered approach.

I plan on building a team that is capable of producing so much news and content that $15 per month will seem cheap. Users will not have to go anywhere else and they wil be able to dig as deep as they want into any story or issue. So the people who become supporters early on will have the ability to stay at $3 per month even after the normal price of $15 pet month is charged. They will be making it possible to charge the normal rate. And so they will get the reward of not having to pay that rate.

If you desire a free and independent press that will provide Resources, nurture Advocacy, support Watchdogs, and produce that provides Empowerment to readers then you should become a RAWE News supporter for a measly $3 per month. When we produce the higher content in volumes that more than justify the normal price, you’ll pat yourself on the back for getting in early and saving $144 per year for such a valuable service. What is more, the supporters will be the first people we go to for advice and counsel and your opinions and concerns will carry the most weight.

I don’t need income from this website, though eventually I hope to focus more energy here and therefore will have to shift my income sources, but I do need to pay for marketing, for writers, and for technical resources to take this site to where I know it can be.

For instance, if we want to have 120,000 people a day reading this content and getting the real news, then we will need a server configuration that costs $5,000 per month to maintain. And we’ll need over $15,000 per month for content (funding citizen reporters), over $5,000 for research, and around $2500 for marketing and promotions. But the cost to get from there to millions of daily readers is less than three times these amounts.

Do you want real news? Of course you do. And we we can deliver it. I have decades of experience with news reporting and have mastered a simple formula to deliver news that empowers you. My only mistake has been to follow a model that depends on advertising and corporate sponsors. That means I am, like it or not, beholden to money and not people. Usually this meant that I would stick with my convictions and suffer the consequences, although sometimes I stuck with my convictions and even my corporate sponsors stood by me. All in all, however, I now believe that unless the reader pays for independent journalism they won’t get it. Paid advertising and corporate sponsors or non-profit journalism sponsored by corporate or other major donors will always be controlled by money, not the people.

So I’m asking people to support a vision. Yes, you won’t exactly get the journalism I want to provide early on. That is true. But through your support you will be helping to create a truly independent free press, right here. The value is that you will have some unique content only provided to sponsors and, as we grow, lots more content others will gladly pay $15 a ml the to receive.

(The average price for premium news content now…is over $20 per month, and people are paying media that is corporate controlled when they could easily be supporting an independent free press instead.)

So please consider becoming a supporter for only $3 per month.