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The Empire Times will feature sections with their own masthead but which are part of the same digital news magazine. Some of these sections will include:

News Scope Journal- Thinking Intelligently About Today’s News

This section will feature mostly geopolitical intelligence and analysis written in the language of intelligence summaries, updates, and reports.

The American Freedomist

News perspectives and useful information and knowledge for being more free and prosperous in America and for winning total freedom as defined by the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights.


News reports that focus on being a resource, if advocating for readers, of being a watchdog, and if being both entertaining and educational will be people-powered. Our whole media empire follows the RAWE News model.

Of course well have entertainment, culture, and sports as well.

The Christian Gazette is meant to be a digital newspaper for and about the global Christian community. It is not simply news from a Christian perspective.

The Upadarian Voice

The word Upadaria stands for a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline based on Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law being applied according a concept of freedom rooted in virtue, liberty, and indepdnence. This section will be about Christian empowerment, world missions, and Christian refugees.