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The aim of The Freeodmist League of America, as and when it is constituted, is to focus on areas with a strong support base for freedom and then work to transform them into Freedom Sanctuaries.

A freedom sanctuary is any jurisdiction at the County or City level wherein all or most all officials, law enforcement, and people who hold a public trust officially or through business, journalism, or education are firmly committed to respecting and protecting the freedom of all persons within that jurisdiction according to the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights.

While our aim would be to BEGIN within areas that already show strong support for Freedom, our eventual aim is to go into areas with the lowst freedom quotient and win people over to the Freedomist cause.

The basic requirement to join the League is to take and abide by an oath to uphold and defend the Bill of Rights according to their spirit and intent and to be an advocate for the protection and respect of the rights, persons, and property of all citizens, with favor or prejudice toward none.

We will advocate for and advance a pluralistic and free society in which every human being has the same level of freedom and equal treatment under law and has the liberty to choose their way of life and express themselves freely according to their individual beliefs, values, and convictions. Our ideology, Freedomism, is this: FREEDOM FOR ALL WITH FAVOR OR PREJUDICE TOWARD NONE!

To become an officer or leader requires you to agree with our ideals, principles, and goals. We will call such people within our ranks Electors: an Elector is someone who has demonstrated knowledge of and commitment to our ideals, principles, and goals.

Our ideals are a balanced and Judeo-Christian based understanding of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

Our principles include a social vision amongst ourselves based on cooperation, sustainability, and consensus and a universal respect for a social ethic based on preserving the welfare, justice, and autonomy of our fellow citizens.

Our goals are to empower every person to live as a freeholder, to transform our communities into freedom sanctuaries, to transform our states into free republics, and to see America transformed into a UPDR Commonwealth (based on the UPDR Ideals) through a devolution of political power to individuals, free associations, local communities, counties/cities, and the states.

Inspired by Samuel Adams and his brand of activism, our first task will be to gather freedom lovers virtually and then locally. Once gathered they will be mobilized for both mutual support against freedom taking activites and to awaken local voters and call them to pledge allegiance to the Bill of Rights.

Gathering locally, in every township or village, in every neighborhood, is the key starting point. People who adopt being Freedomists will pledge mutual support for one another. Through the use of flags, pins, badges, shirts, and the such, Freedomists will make their support visible and call their fellow citizens to our cause!

In practice mutual support might include physically coming to someone’s house if an alert goes out that they are being harassed and showing up with cameras, or smart phones, to record and expose the harassment, showing it live if possible. Simply knowing you have strong support if you are harassed over your beliefs or stance can be quite liberating.

Mutual support can also include doing things together, like practicing preparedness against disasters or emergencies or learning home security or safety measures. Anything that promotes your ability to exercise your freedom, be self-sufficient and self-reliant, or prosper should be considered.

Local Clubs would consist of Teams of 5-10 members, preferably who live close to one another, and who can meet in each other’s homes. Each Team will have a territory it is responsible for canvassing and reaching out to, which will be necessary when we gather citizen pledges.

Clubs will have their own Captain and a few members, 5 to 10, who form a steering committee. A Club may cover a smaller entity like a township, borough, or village, or a neighborhood in a city.

For Counties or Cities, the Clubs will form Groups of a few Clubs to help facilitate cooperation and collaboration and Communities, which will be the whole membership in that County or City. Communities will establish Official Delegates who have real-world counterparts and be led by a Community President and Council of 7 Councilors.

The organizational structure is meant to allow maximum autonomy for every Club but to to facilitate larger scale cooperation and collaboration at the County or City level.

These Clubs should both facilitate mutual support and provide social and recreational activities for their members. We are fighting to advance freedom for all, but in doing so we must recognize that socializing and recreating together both create bonds of fraternal unity and gives an outlet.

Each Club should also have a Color Guard for public activites, like parades and the such. Our theme is America during WW2 and our Color Guards will create impressions of Americans in WW2. Wherever Army patches would appear, however, we will use the Freedomist logo.

It should be noted, even if a Club were to operate its own gun range for sport and recreation, in no manner or sense will The Freedomist Guard be more than a color guard and/or ushers and unarmed security for events.

The Freeodmist League is a civilian outfit and, while we will speak out for and defend the Bill of Rights, we will never have an armed component.

The first tasks of a new Freedomist Community will be to gather people who wish to take The Freedomist Pledge, to broadcast the Freedomist vision and message, to connect local people in neighborhood Teams, to form local Clubs, and build an infrastructure of people, digital resources, and meeting sites until half or more of all local communities within the County or City covered have at least a Team.

During this phase, training in online activism, local canvassing, and other matters of activist mobilization will take place. This is especially important form Team Leaders and Club Captains. The planting team for the new Community will review applicants for leaderhip roles to ensure they have the character, skills, and disposition needed.

Some of the greatest flaws of many activist efforts are not building an infrastructure prior to “taking the field”, not properly training activists, not properly vetting leaders, and not providing a regular means for members to interact in a more social and relaxed setting that promotes friendship and camaraderie.

Once a Freedomist group has been built up so that every Team Leader is trained and most of the local Townships and the such are covered, we can begin the Citizen Pledges phase. During this phase, a combination or online and local efforts will be made to raise citizen awarness of the Bill of Rights and to elicit support for their defense.

Once each locale covered be at least a team has been saturated with messaging, members will go two-by-two to visit every voter, dividing their area by the wards and/or precincts, to ensure total canvassing. The aim is to get citizens to both sign a Pledge to support candidates and businesses that show loyalty to the US Bill of Rights and to agree to be contacted regarding findings at to which candidates and busiensses show such loyalty.

Only unless and until at least a third of voters canvassed sign such a pledge will a Club begin the next phase. During this phase local officials, law enforcment (e.g. the chief of police or constables), and local businesses will be asked to both sign the Pledge and agree to take cognizance of the remonstrances of a local Town Meeting consisting of all Citizens who signed the Citizens Pledge.

These Town Meetings will be open to all but only people who actually sign the pledge will participate, as their purpose is to ensure their officials and those who hold a public trust actually respect the Bill of Rights. Town Meetings will operate according to a consensual decision-making model, with training ij consensual decision-making provided by the Club.

Town meetings may address a local business regarding its policies or a case in which the rights of an individual or group of people might have been disrespected. They will elect Delegates from qualified Electors who will address certain officials or businesses or other entities on their behalf. The Delegates will also serve in the Community Assembly for the Freedomist Community and fulfill a similar role at the County or City level.

These Town Meetings will also issues Remonstrances, which are meant to communicate their desires, requests, and views regarding local matters and which will be provided to local officials who will may also be invited to address the Town Meeting.

Active citizenship is the only cure for fraud, waste, abuse, and general corruption. Our aim is to promote and mobilize active citizenship, ideally until all or most all voters take the Citizen’s Pledge and participate in Town Meetings once a month.

It is not expected every citizen will join or become a Freedomist. But every citizen who has taken the Pledge will be invited to participate in the Freedomist Town Meeting hosted by the Club. Our aim is to restore traditional American participatory democracy as much as possible to the local level with access and participation being equal and fair to ALL persons who sign the Citizen’s Pledge Of Allegiance to The Bill of Rights. (“The Bill of Rights Pledge”)

Any Freedomist who runs for and is elected to office must resign from any position other than local Club membership as an individual. One cannot hold office and be an officer of the League except for persons in law enforcement. In fact, we would encourage members of law enforcement to become Freedomists!

This would be a process.

The first benefits of becoming a Freedomist would be personal. You will gain local support and camaraderie and know that, in the event of a disaster or emergency, your Team members and fellow Club members would be there to support one another. You would also have more social and recreational opportunities instead of just being spoon fed mindless dribble by Hollywood and social media.

As your Club grows and gains a third or more of voter support, you will begin to feel and see more and more that those with a public trust also have your back regarding your basic God-given rights.