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Freedom in America is in serious decline. The freedom takers are legion and they have rigged the game against freedom lovers.

America faces the loss of freedom, what can we do to protect ourselves and fight back?

While we mostly focus on the far left socialist authoritarians of the Democratic Party, the GOP has been shown to be mostly controlled opposition. It is mostly only good at soundbite responses which, while they can at times be quite good, never get beyond the talking stage.

Indeed, far from the consensus of the general public setting the agenda of topics and issues to he tackled, both parties now let the anti-freedom press set the agenda.

Soon, if things continue, the majority of voters, including new voters and illegal voters, will be totally under the influence and control of the freedom takers and their institutions and structures. The opprtunity to use the ballot box to defend freedom will diminish because those who love freedom have utterly failed to stage an effective opposition that removes freedom takers from their positions of authority over our institutions.

Instead, the freedom lovers have backed the GOP in national elections and this has utterly failed to do more than slow our loss of freedom.

An effective response is needed. This does not mean we should discontinue our efforts within national politics. It is a dangerous idea to retreat from any field of engagement with our opponents. But to continue to place all our hopes and energy in national elections seems to be a poor use of resources: the return on investment has been abysmal.

If you want to be free, I believe you can be, and I can be, and I beleive there is a pathway to liberation from the influence and control of the legion of freedom takers. But it is a path that diverges from the one you might imagine is the right path. It is a path that addresses your life and possibilities at the deepest level of identity and lifestyle and calls on you to make drastic changes, although the starting point is easy and involves the smallest of initial steps.

This approach comes in two parts: The Liberation Within and The Revolution Within. Actually, the Liberation Within is the starting point for a broader and deeper Revolution Within.

The secret path I discovered was first revealed to me when I was only 13 years old, in 1982, but it took me almost 35 years to discern its truth and discover it vast Biblical foundation.

What I saw and envisioned was given to me to share and impart, I believe, for such a time as this. It is a path to freedom from within that isn’t dependent upon what the larger society around us chooses. It depends not on our human agency but on the agency of a form of spritual nationhood in Christ that is provided for by God Himself.

My own experience centered on what I now see as a sort of heavenly download of a “history” written in 2147 A.D. and looking backwards to 1982. This “history” was fiction, but over the years I discerned three facts about it:

1. It proved to have prophetic insights as many of the events it predicted have come to pass and continue to come to pass in the real world. So I say it has prophetic insights, although I am not saying it is an exact prophecy.

2. It revealed powerful Biblical ideals, principles, and practices for a form of empowerment and self-improvement in which God does the work supernaturally (we cannot improve ourselves, only submitting to God improves us). This takes the form of a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline and even a novel form of government.

3. It revealed the seeds of a new spirtual nation, of a new civilization, and of the emergence of the Kingdom Age of the Elect which would see spritual city-states and spritual nations become the new prototypes for advancing the Kingdom of God among us.

The last part was the part that took me the longest to understand but as I compared my vision with Scripture, which I was surprised it had so much to say about such things, it began to become clear: like William Penn, God had given me the seed of a nation to plant in this world.

In short, what I have to impart in terms of a path to freedom in a society ruled by freedom takers is something I like to refer to as “spirtual nationhood in Christ.” This has three key applications:

1. To our existing country of fellow Americans it is a call to our spritual constitution based on four core ideals, the end goal being to transform these United States into a “UPDR COMMONWEALTH” of mutliple sovereignties based on our spirtual constitution.

2. To people in the US and around the world it is an invitation to adopt this spritual nationhood yourself and thereby walk in the blessings of being part of a nation of people whose God is the Lord.

3. To the whole Body of Christ it is the proclamation of an emerging new civilization based on Christian ideals, principles, and practices and the emergence of the Kingdom Age of the Elect.

Part one speaks to a transformation of American institutions from the neighborhood level to the whole of these United States.

Part two proposes the intentional establishment of a spirtual nation utilizing the vehicles of a cryptonation platform and an international fraternal Christian missionary and refugee Society.

Part three is simply the proclamation of these things through the virtual Commonwealth and the Society but in the form of content, books, training, and the such that imparts these things to whoever wishes to learn and experience them.

For now, the key element in this is the adoption of this spritual nationhood by individuals, some or many of whom choose to back the development of the cryptonation platform and the international Society.

The core 300 or so people who adopt this spritual nationhood and who choose an active role in its spirtual government will then make the other things possible for tens of thousands of other people. They will do this by providing content, resources, and support and by broadcasting these things directly to the people, if need be on a person-to-person basis.

The path to freedom for you may be to become one of these 300, and eventually 1200, freedom-builders. This is a path that doesn’t depend on large-scale change or reform: you make unilateral change, you connect with others unilaterally, and this grows in influence to a broader and broader circle.

It may be that if enough Americans either adopt this new spirtual nationality or if they adopt America’s spiritual constitution that the entire freedom-taking apparatus will lose influence and control. It may also be that, regardless of what comes, these people, a mere remnant of freedom lovers, are able to find gaps for freedom and survive and thrive intact.

The overall effect will, at worse, be the preservation of a freedom-loving remnant who continue to share the Gospel within an otherwise unfree society. At best, if enough people adopt this and rebuild the kinds of structures and institutions that are proof against freedom takers then the entire freedom-taking agenda is lost!