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Overall Summary- while the climate crisis drumbeats call for global, albeit corporate run, socialism, Democrats find a new reason to impeach Trump in order to protect Joe Biden’s son from any and all scrutiny.

It’s all in support of a radical corposocialist agenda with Billionaire power mongers pulling the strings. So here’s your flag, Democrats:

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Greta The Mini Pol Pot?

Spurred on by the political activists who run government schools, thousands of children are demanding action to combat climate change. Their demands include things like ending all fossil fuels, no more cars, China-style population control (forced abortion), and many other totalitarian ideas that have nothing to do with the climate.

Flag of Pol Pot, whose agenda for radical restructuring of society closely resembles that being pushed by Greta Thunberg.

They are being led by a young girl, Greta Thunberg, whose only credentials stem from radical leftwing parents who are media savvy. Other than that, her entire mien has all the hallmarks of Pol Pot and all the warmth of Thanos.

Being 16 she is young enough to be easily manipulated but old enough to bear some responsibility for her immoral actions: and using the climate change bogeyman to coerce the masses into embracing corposocialist dictatorship ranks as highly immoral.
One, “The Peoples Climate Movement”, has this as part of their platform:

‘Economic Opportunity for Everyone’

“Climate action must lift up people of color, workers, and poor communities. Everyone, particularly those communities hardest hit by natural and economic disasters, should have the opportunity to benefit from the billions of public and private investments being made, not just the 1%. Everyone should have equal access, opportunity, and support to get a good job.”

That’s classic Marxism. Their agenda has nothing to do with climate, which we human cannot control. It is all about power and control to impose some form of global socialist regime.
Greta Thunberg isn’t a climate crisis activist, she is a neomarxist mini-Pol Pot using hysteria, backed by government schools, to turn our children into little neomarxist drones.

President Trump Allegedly Tells Ukraine To Investigate Corruption: An Impeachable Offense?

While we cannot know for sure, since outright lies are the substance of the infotariate’s “reporting”, it is alleged that President Trump urged the Ukraine government to investigate Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.

The gist of this “scandal” is that when Joe was VP he allegedly threatened to withhold over a billion dollars in US aid UNLESS a certain prosecutor, who was pursuing legal actions against his son, was fired.

Allegedly, Trump told the Ukraine that pursuing Hunter Biden for potential corruption wasn’t going to impact their aid. And this became the scandal as a Democrat activist within the bowels of the State Department, acting on heresay, pretended to be a whistleblower, despite having no direct knowledge. Then that same whistleblower contacted the media and fellow Democrats on the Hill.

This is as far as we are now, with the President denying the substance of the claims and the public at large pretty much not caring one way or another.
Only the Democratic Infotariate and the neomarxist candidates for their Party’s nomination for the Presidency are worked up over this. Although Speaker Pelosi is making noises about impeachment.

VP Biden protecting his allegedly corrupt son is fine. But even hinting that a foreign government in the land where he allegedly acted in a corrupt manner should or could investigate is a crime.