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Date: Sep 20, 2019

Still Waiting For A Government

In Israel a new government following the last election has yet to be formed. A religious party that is part of Netenyahu’s coalition has asked to be allowed to negotiate with Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid Party. Their goal is to get them to join a new government with Likud, Benjamin Netenyahu’s party. Meanwhile Israel’s President, Reuven Rivlin, has applauded Netenyahu’s call for a unity government with the Blue and White Party. But deadlock remains.

Pictured: Publisher Bill Collier standing near Nablus (Shechem) in the West Bank (Samaria), Israel.

Naruto Army Invades Area 51
…Or Not

Today the Facebook event meant as a joke, and since cancelled, to invade Area 51 and find aliens is underway. A few concerts and tourists are descending on the otherwise barren landscape, not necessarily looking for aliens so much as earthling entertainment.

Numerous YouTube channels and even the press are reporting modest groups of campers, although around 6 people per day have been arrested for trespassing, including two Dutch men who were given 3 days in the klink and deported to their home country.

Who travels to a foreign country and decides it’s a good idea to look for aliens on a closed, top-secret military base?
The fact these mini-events can occur and that trespassers aren’t paying with their lives reflects well on the level of freedom we have in our society. Were this most any other country, the outcomes would be far less silly.

Brexit Chaos As UK Supremes Consider Recalling Parliament

The UK Supreme Court is deciding whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson was right to ask the Queen to prorogue, or suspend, Parliament up until just 15 days before the UK exit (Brexit) from the European Union would be scheduled to take place without a deal having been agreed.

The issue is not the Queen’s authority to suspend Parliament but, rather, the Prime Minister’s authority to make the request.

As it stands now, while upwards of 55% of the British voting public want Brexit, over 55% of Parliament want to remain in the EU. The chaos surrounding Brexit is owing to the recalcitrance of the Parliament and the ineffectiveness of the Brexit camp.

Allowing Theresa May, a Remainer, to become Prime Minister after the resignation of David Cameron proved as foolhardy as some Brexit advocates predicted: they now allege she never intended to produce a clean Brexit while the EU, sensing this, took advantage of the situation in a manner not consistent with good faith.

Climate Protests Demanding World Socialism

Climate protestors who now claim the world has 12 or so years before our collective demise are demanding action. The action they are demanding basically comes straight out of a Pol Pot remake.

Pol Pot wanted to return Cambodia to an agrarian society run on collectivist ideals. His approach was to essentially ban most technology, including private cars, and to empty the cities, putting most people in collective farms where they would be re-educated. The result was a blood bath.

Pol Pot 2.0 is not as straightforward in brutality, but the focus is on ending car ownership, ending the use of fossil fuels, rolling back standards of living, and ending urban sprawl. The only way one could see this on a global scale would be to create a single, all-powerful global government that had the power of life and death over the whole planet.
Then protestors, or those bankrolling them, intend to create this new global corporate managed socialism all in the name of preventing yet another wild prediction from the same people whose multiple previous predictions have proven to be false prophesies.

The issue of climate change and its causes is separate from the proposed means by which it may be mitigated through human action. As socialism has never produced positive outcomes at any scale other than a voluntary commune, even if the underlying problems were real, it seems untenable to propose to literally alter global weather and climate by the use of essentially socialist means.

President Trump’s Promise To A Foreign Leader

Allegedly, as reported by the Infotariate (our word for the collective gaggle of press and entertainment), President Trump promised something controversial to a foreign leader. Reports are that a “whistleblower” has come to authorities with this stunning claim.

But as such reports go, one is wise to wait a few more days. Too many of these sensational headlines prove to be unsatisfying to those writing them with the intent, it seems, of removing the duly elected President.

The Democrats have, predictable, demanded more information and want access to the whistleblower, who, of they exist, will have no burden of proof and will be given book deals and media contracts as a reward for their testimony. If it comes to that.

President Trump has denied this and called it fake news, which doesn’t mean there is nothing to the report per se.
Of more serious concern is the rabidly partisan nature of the bureaucracy surrounding the President.

If indeed this story has any foundation, it is more likely the President made a promise totally within his provenance as President and the “whistleblower” simply disagrees with his policy. Today’s left interpret any disagreement with them in the starkest terms and would be quite happy to characterize a President who does not abide by their “advice” as committing some form of unethical or illegal act.

This is weakening the United States from within and seriously undermining our overall global strategic posture. Our enemies have a 5th column within who will interpret every act against the President as something welcome and every move he might take to neutralize or de-escalate them as unethical or even treasonous.

They have the Democratic House and the infotariate, not to mention many political activist judges to aid them in this circus.

One begins to suspect openly whether powers like China, France, Germany, Russia, and even India might be playing a role in supporting and fomenting the left in its ongoing efforts to unravel these United States.

They seem to want to transform this country from a union of sovereign and free republics into a centralized one-party pseudo-democracy where only there views and ideas are allowed. California or even every major University campus is their model.

This suits foriegn powers who realize how much it would weaken the US abroad.

As for the veracity of this claim, we will take a wait and see attitude but suspect this is more about partisanship and sensationalism among the deep state class than anything sinister on the part of the President.