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Our Approach

News today is dominated by a hyper-partisan corporate and big government agenda seemingly made by and for global robber barons of the worse type. What is worse, however, is that it is unintelligent, inaccurate, and grossly shallow.

Our approach is to be more intelligent. We provide news intelligence for discriminating news connoisseurs who aren’t satisfied with low-rent news ccoverage meant to entertain them whil propagandizing them.

Publisher Bill Collier meeting with Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister in 2018.

Our Story

When I was young I had a passion for global news intelligence. I kid you not.

I invented News Scope by writing stories by hand, often drawing illustrations, and then making copies, stapling sheets together, and handing them out to friends and family. My publishing runs may have been 20 to 50 copies per run, but I was in earnest.

Even then, in the early 80s, I found most US media to be shallow and inaccurate. I went to the library to read world news sources and I devoured books on military affairs, world history, and geopolitics as well as copies of Foreign Affairs. I could tell most news reports in ABC and etc. were mostly just half-baked fluff.

I did not know then the reason for the bias or how the media deliberately kept their content shallow and to a more or less third-grade reading level. I just knew I wanted something deeper, written more intelligently, something more balanced and honest, and something that would take a longer and broader look at the causes and potential outcomes one might discern in the headlines.

News Scope has been a lifelong dream but I needed to give people what would sell: and fluffy, basic, and local news sponsored by advertisers was the best model I could find in the early 90s when I started my first local newspaper.

Things have changed a lot since then, but what I really wanted to do, even though I loved the local newspapers, was News Scope.

So now this is what I am doing. It may never bring me wealth or fame, but it brings me satisfaction and I hope it does the same for you.

Meet the Publisher

My name is Bill Collier. I am the Publisher, Editor, and Chief Correspondent. I have been engaged in intelligence, news, world affairs, and politics since 1992. My own network of sources and connections often allows me to scoop the “big boys”, my first major scoops were while I was running a local newspaper in New Mexico.



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