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In Nigeria, you don’t “own” land, the government owns all land and state governors issue certificates of occupancy (although only 3% of land is propery registered). All land in Nigeria is legally a leasehold from you to the government.

How is what we have so different?

We have property taxes. When your land is taxed it isn’t a freehold, you are a serf on a leasehold. And if the “value” of your property goes up you can lose it because the taxes become insanely high. You might buy a house for $124,000 but your neighborhood becomes popular and now it’s value is $500,000.

Your taxes go from an affordable but still rapacious $1200 a year on your $65,000 household income to $7500, which forces you to sell and leave the home you love!

This is criminal and I believe God Himself is enraged by such injustice!

We need a freehold!

A freehold means that after you pay the purchase price, you need pay no other person or entity ever again to maintain your occupancy. A leasehold is where you remain on the property only on condition of paying a fee, tax, or lease payment to the true owner of the land.

All land in these United States is basically a leasehold, save for non-profit owned real estate. In other words, the government owns 100% of the land!

We need to add an Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing A Right to Freehold whereby individuals ACTUALLY own their own land!

None of your arguments about “how will we fund XY and Z” JUSTIFY this criminal immorality that has been inflicted on us for centuries!

If you propose we cannot have “government” or some services, like government run schools that are clearly failing us and only imposing a radical leftwing ideloogy, without this inmorality and injustice, then you call into question the very VALIDITY of the government and/or “services” you think we need!

If you work all your life to build a nice piece of property and it is worth, say, $500,000, and you made good money to pay it off, when you retire you may not have as high an income. Thanks to taxes, you are forced to let your property go when your income falls.

So if your income goes from $124,000 to $40,000 and your taxes are $7500, then you can’t afford to keep your own property. That is not a freehold, it is a leasehold! And it is immoral and unjust!

If America is to fulfill its freedom ideals it MUST ensure the right to freehold and end property taxes!