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It is an old, and forgotten, axiom that immoral people can’t be trusted with freedom. Moral and civic virtue are rooted in solid values and a form of identity that grows not just from the self but from family, faith, community, and even country. Moral and civic virtue are, as the Japanese say, “others-centered”, but not in the collectivist or socialist way of the left.

When people live their lives for their own pleasure and happiness to “find themselves”, the result is a rule by force instead of a rule by transcendent laws. In fact, when there are attacks on the very notion of transcendent laws of good and evil and cause and effect we see society become more depraved and more violent. Violence to gain something you want is the logical terminus of the “world as spoil” attitude that comes when moral foundations are destroyed.

Rather than control urges and pleasures, some seem to want to limit freedom to basic rights in exchange for lesser and more animalistic “rights.” Our society seems to want to say a child can somehow magically choose his or her gender, regardless of biology, but heaven forbid that child becomes an adult who wants to enjoy such basic rights as religious freedom, freedom of association, the right of self-defense, or political freedoms. All the true rights are attacked and replaced with shallow and carnal rights to basically behave like an animal, following the latest self-pleasure.

Immoral people use free speech for hate, the left respond by wanting to limit such speech, and then by labeling all their political opponents as racists to limit their free speech. This is a perfect example of elevating immorality and limiting fundamental rights because immoral people abuse those rights.

We have violence not because people have guns or swords or knives. It is not access to legitimate means of self-defense from people and governments but, rather, the abuse of such means by people who have become immoral that causes violence. And immorality is a virtue in some circles. Pleasing yourself at the expense of others has literally become elevated above the fundamental rights, which, at the same time, are being attacked.

Moral people who are others-centered don’t attack others for their own pleasure. As, for example, in Japan one can leave a moped with a key in it on a busy city street and walk away confident nobody will take it.

A forgotten ethic of self-defense is that it is for you, your family, your community, and even your country. It is others-centered, not self-centered. Other than for sport or hunting, the only legitimate use of a weapon is to defend yourself or others from bad guys. But when immoral people, urged on by a culture of self-pleasure, have a weapon they use it for personal vendettas, to gain at the expense of others, or for their own pleasure.

The left don’t want to own the fact their ideology, which attacks traditional morality and civic virtues, are the cause of violence. It is the world as spoil mindset that makes a city like Chicago violent despite massive gun control as opposed to rural areas which still retain a high degree of the traditional moral and civic virtues of traditional America.

Immorality and lack of civic virtue are our problems. But now the left, who have created the crisis of moral and civic virtue, are wanting to further restrict fundamental rights even as they expand “rights” to defy and undermine our moral and civic virtues. On everything from forcing people to bake wedding cakes for weddings they find immoral to transgender bathrooms in schools and disrespecting our flag, the left always champion an erosion of moral and civic virtue, which leads to violence, and which is then an excuse to limit our fundamental rights.

The Las Vegas shooting is a result of immortality, it is not a result of having a fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Rather than admit that their policies of waging war in virtue have led to such depravity, the left will use it as a reason to attack your fundamental rights.

Every day the left praise a right to kill the unborn. Nobody can say they care about innocent human life. This death of innocents caused by a war on virtue is a perfect cover for fearing you into surrendering more fundamental rights.

In the end, immoral people cannot handle freedom and, given the choice between bread and circuses or freedom based on virtue, the selfish and immoral will gladly surrender their freedom.