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If we belong to a nation that establishes the righteousness of the law as its moral and ethical compass, we will experience those blessings which come to such a nation.

(Note: this was written in 2008.)

The flag for a stateless Christian nation….

This is the basic idea of this message which, by God’s Grace, I am sharing now with you.

Let me start with a question; do you believe that God called America’s Pilgrim Fathers into the unknown New World?

Can you imagine that what God has done before He can do again?

God has been in the Nation Building business for some time!

Here is a partial list of leaders or movements that were blessed in this heretofore ignored “ministry” of “Nation Builders for Jesus”, many were flawed and didn’t get everything right, but they did serve their purpose!

Adam, Able, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Esther, Daniel, Nehemiah, Zerubabel, the Maccabbees.

The Christians of the Ecclesia Nation: A Nation WITHIN the Nations.

Armenia, Edessa, Palmyra and Ethiopia (the first Christian nations to officially call themselves such), Constantine, Charlemagne, William The Conquerer, Joan of Arc all heroes in their own right, flaws and all!

Otto I: He founded the Holy Roman Empire out of nothing and saved us from being wiped out by massive, powerful barbarian nations; he famously declared before a great battle, calling on God’s aid against 10 to 1 odds, “Our God is a God of War!”.

John Calvin, the Hussites, Gustavus and then Adolphus of Sweden all led the charge in the 1500s. Gustavus felt called to create a new Christian Nation, Sweden, and Adolphus saved the Reformation and was given God’s favor so that Sweden became, for a time, a Great Power.

The Free Dutch Republic: an enterprise which, incredibly, became a major Naval Power and, while they served God, they became very wealthy- even to this day Holland has more wealth and power than seems POSSIBLE.

William Penn; with the People of Pennsylvania he sowed the seeds of a nation that culminated in Benjamin Franklin’s writing of the Keystone State’s Constitution of 1776, the single best Constitution for any People, ever!

William Bradford: founder of Plymouth Plantation, his 53 odd Pilgrim families paid the pioneer’s price in blood, half were dead within a year, but the trail they blazed allowed the Puritans to follow.

Jonathon Edwards: a great Puritan theologian who defended and extended the Puritan vision of a Christian Commonwealth. This model, while never perfect, produced the most equitable, humane, healthy, righteous, well educated, industrious, prosperous, happy, and yet peaceful, free, safe, secure, and stable society in ALL of human history. It lasted for almost 300 years and, even now, casts a long shadow over all subsequent attempts at Christian Nation Building.

William Wilberforce: who started numerous Societies to create Christian alternatives to the world’s injustice and who almost single-handedly compelled England to outlaw slavery, while saving untold thousands from a hellish life of bondage!

Oliver Cromwell, the Christians of Romania even in our own time, the Solidarity Movement in Poland, and I could go on.

Some attempts at Christian Nation Building worked out better than others-

Suriname earned the interest of Benjamin Franklin, but quickly strayed (I still believe Suriname has a special calling in the area of unity in diversity).

The Karen People, of whom around half are Christians, have been fighting just to LIVE as the Burmese Army tries to exterminate them to end their 60 some year War For Survival” but “the church”, which does not believe in using “the weapons of this world”, has done nothing more than pray or send a few non-combat supplies.

The latest Rambo movie was all about the Karen, and the “clergy” guy dithered while fellow believers died!

(Note: since this was written orignally in 2008, the Karen have ended their war and have relative if uneasy peace.)

We have nascent, often unorganized, Christian Nation Building efforts under way in Fiji, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Assyria (Yes, THAT Assyria, which Is. 19 says will one day be Israel’s ally, along with Egypt) and southern Sudan.

While Christians are engaged in Nation Building in isolated locations, Christians from “the West” in their godless welfare states turn to end-times escapism and forget how THEIR NATIONS which God gave them, and which they often claim as still being theirs, started in exactly the same way.

How blessed we are that even though America is in dark sin, we who wish to build a “Nation WITHIN” do not have to even consider the moral dilemma the Karen face daily! Our model is, to a large degree, the prototypical nation, the stateless nation of the 1st century Ecclesia!

Truly Otto I was right- Our God is a God of War! The problem is that we have so forgotten this that Jesus is presented too often as an effeminate creature whose only response to evil seems to be – “turn the other cheek.”

Let’s get back to the BASIC truths about Christian Nations.

Here is a basic, unalterable, law: If we belong to a nation that rejects God’s Word as its basis of Law then we can expect to experience the consequences of this disobedience, even though our souls are saved.

In 2 Corinthians 3 it talks about how anything not founded on the true Gold of God’s Will and Truth will be burned and though our souls may be saved, it will be as “by fire” and WE WILL SUFFER.

This truth is extendable: just as God blesses obedient nations, which He explicitly tells us to train AS A NATION to observe His Commandments.

This is very similar in language to Deuteronomy 29 and 30 and I do not believe it is by accident- He’s telling us to basically do what Moses did, not just to tell people ‘get saved’ but to TRAIN THEM to “observe”, scrupulously obey in detail, which requires a level of training in a breadth and depth of subjects beside which our Discipleship Classes often cut a pathetic, anemic, figure!

Being personally redeemed does not remove us from the laws of cause and effect which govern this planet.

We will not be financially secure if we mismanage our money, nor will we not be burned if we put our hand on a hot stove. We cannot experience the pleasures of parenting unless we become parents.

The fact is that we are not going to receive the blessings of being a Nation unto God unless we are part of a Nation that is ruled by God’s Word, and being part of a FORMER Nation of God doesn’t count.

If we are part of a nation that rejects God’s Word, even if it once received it (in fact, it’s WORSE for such a Nation, because it has known and been blessed by such Enlightenment) then just as we cannot escape burning our hand if we touch a hot stove, so too we cannot avoid partaking in the physical, social, or economic woes that will come to that nation.

God promised that out of Abraham’s one Seed, in Christ, many Nations would emerge. Since the mid 1800’s in America there has been a neglect of the theology of Nations, or God’s truths about and the application of Scripture to the nations.

For too long the Christian leaders within these very United States of America have left the work of defining what being a nation means in the hands of Christ deniers.

These Christ-deniers have been given free reign to define what a Nation does, how and why it should be organized, and its relationship to God, man, and the physical world.

The United States of America once respected the Kingdom of God within America and the different Kingdom Peoples, such as William Penn’s Pennslvanians and the Puritans of New England.

Christians, as citizens of the Kingdom of God within America, and the Christian Peoples within America were the head and not the tail within “these United States.”

In the early days of America, especially in places like New England and Pennsylvania, Christians were very much aware of their whole duty to God, to one another, to the world around them, and to future generations. They didn’t believe in a narrow interpretation of what it means to be a Christian, they were community builders and nation builders.

They saw no reason why a Christian should give up any authority or any part of society to the rule of non-Christians based on some doctrine that says God doesn’t operate “in the natural.” At one time, being a Christian, or at least agreeing with the Christian worldview, was a important part of the American national identity.

Christians who came to this land weren’t surrendering their authority and responsibility in this life to a doctrine that says Jesus will soon “Return” so we’re just wasting our time if we try to do anything more than pray and go to church.

Things have changed. What caused this to happen?

The best argument is that this was all a result of a combination of end-times escapism and the weakening of the role of a Christian-centered socio-cultural national identity in America. Christians ceased to be a vital constituency within America.

As these Christian nations within this land shed their Covenental characteristics and became secularized by Christ deniers, the “Progressives” (who are to the American Kingdom Nation what the Phillistines were to Israel) stepped in and took over.

The Christian Nation (of people) within this land became escapist and gnostic, seeing Civic, Social, and Market authority as “dirty” and focusing exclusively on Sacred Authority, with little regard for the need for a uniquely Christian national identity as a People based on Covenant relationships. They diminished the role Christ followers should pursue in these United States to purely religious efforts.

The key characteristic of a Christian People is twofold- they serve the Kingdom through covenant relationship between themselves, God, and their whole community.

America as an “Earthly Nation” in the flesh, had its heart, the Christian Peoples, removed.

Without a heart, what happens? The flesh cannot survive, and the spirit within, the Christian Nations, has no means of communicating with the flesh.

As a COUNTRY once primarily made up of Christian people, though welcoming of non-Christians, America has devolved into a land of individuals with a loss of national identity and culture among many, and a lack of a Christian witness at the “national” level.

Such a land, without a heart, becomes spiritually and morally profane with social and economic ills and political corruption that naturally occur when God’s truths are denied and His laws are broken.

The possible Return of Jesus and the End Times are not the cause of this.

No enemy vanquished the Christian nations within America; the leaders willfully walked away from their Authority, abandoned the very idea of a national identity rooted in Christ, and turned this country over to the Christ-denying Progressives.